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I help people with chronic pain restore pain free movement so they can get back to a life they love.


Why Byron?


I don't typically write reviews but I felt it was important to get the message out to those who might be  enduring arthritis pain and/or degeneration of the meniscus. In February 2018, I started experiencing pain in my left knee and after taking OTC medication and resting, icing and elevating my knee with no improvement, I went to the doctor to have the situation diagnosed. After an x-ray and MRI, the diagnosis was arthritis and degeneration of the meniscus. Physical therapy was suggested. I religiously met with the physical therapist for eight consecutive sessions and followed all the stretches prescribed every single day. There was improvement but flare-ups occurred every now and then and the pain never dissipated entirely. This continued for five months. Purely, by accident, I had a session with Byron Ng at PAFit. (I really feel there should be a drum roll here!). At the end of the first session (during which he took time to understand my situation and test the extent of my movements), I literally felt no pain. He made me do various moves which I was sure were going to exacerbate my knee, but he appealed to me to trust him and kept asking for feedback constantly. After the session, I walked down the stairs waiting for the pain to hit me, then waited all evening for the pain, then was sure it would start the next day. I never felt the pain again. I did more sessions with Byron and could feel my knee getting stronger. Started doing more intense workouts, and still no pain. As of today, still no pain. Byron said he was practicing P-DTR, I say it was magic. I would be skeptical reading something like this, but please try a session with him. All you have to lose is the cost of a session but you may end up losing a lifestyle debilitated with chronic pain.

Maya K.

What to expect

Two Pens on Notebook


  1. Thorough investigation of joint range of motion imbalances from right to left. 

  2. Specific muscle tests to find which muscles are not able to respond efficiently. 

  3. Check which specific neurological pathway is at the root of the tightness/weakness. 


Let's address your weak links

How many times have you been told that your glutes are weak? Or that your hip flexors are is tight and need to be stretched out? It may be so, but how do you know? No more guessing. By using muscle testing, I'm able to assess the integrity of over 400 muscles in your body, look past your compensations, and effectively map out patterns of weakness that may potentially be causing you pain/tightness.

Pressure point massage 2

Good bye pain, hello freedom

I'm dedicated to helping you eliminate the root cause of your pain. Don't settle with living in pain. Know that your body is incredible at healing itself. Sometimes it just requires a nudge in the right direction.


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