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I help people become strong so they can move pain-free and enjoy a life they love.


Why Byron?


I'm very lucky to have been referred to Byron Ng, in making my lower back, and shooting pain in my left hip and shoulder disappeared. I have suffered painful years during my 70’s. Was suffering of the above for 4 years. It took Byron 2 sessions to make all the nagging and severe shooting pains disappeared. I walk straight now and don’t lean towards my left side anymore. In addition to the above magic treatments, Byron Ng increased my sleeping pattern from 4 hours of sleep every night to 8 hours of sleep currently. He guided me with a meditation session, which caused me to become a sleeping beauty now. Now I don’t walk around as a “somby” during the day anymore. Please take my advise “trust” Byron’s method of healing...and in return you get a HEALTHY and PAINLESS body! I will turn 80 years next week, and believe I’m looking forward to become many years older now!!!!

Amy S.

What to expect

Two Pens on Notebook


  1. Thorough investigation of joint range of motion imbalances from right to left. 

  2. Specific muscle tests to find which muscles are not able to respond efficiently. 

  3. Check which specific neurological pathway is at the root of the tightness/weakness. 


Let's address your weak links

How many times have you been told that your glutes are weak? Or that your hip flexors are is tight and need to be stretched out? It may be so, but how do you know? No more guessing. By using muscle testing, I'm able to assess the integrity of over 400 muscles in your body, look past your compensations, and effectively map out patterns of weakness that may potentially be causing you pain/tightness.

Pressure point massage 2

Good bye pain, hello freedom

I'm dedicated to helping you eliminate the root cause of your pain. Don't settle with living in pain. Know that your body is incredible at healing itself. Sometimes it just requires a nudge in the right direction.


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